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Dear OC Science Alumnus,

Periodically, the Departments of Biology and Chemistry & Physics conduct a survey for all Science Alumni of Oklahoma Christian University. We are interested primarily in two important areas:
(1) Where our alumni are today and what they are doing, and
(2) Areas of improvement that OC can work upon.

We would appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to fill out the following survey. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.


Bill Luttrell, Chair, Chemistry and Physics

Tim VanWagoner, Chair, Biology

1. In what subject area did you receive your degree or major in while at OC?

2. Did you complete the coursework as a pre-health care professional?

3. Did you do any undergraduate research, internships, etc. while you were a student at OC?

4. What year did you graduate from OC?

5. Did you go to graduate or professional school after OC graduation?

6. Where did you work after you finished your education (if you attended graduate or professional school, after that graduation)? What was your position?

7. Where do you currently work and what is your position?

8. Where do you attend church?