We want folks that deal with storage management to answer these questions

* 1. Please rank how well the below statements best describe you.

Note: If you do not deal with storage management please do not take this survey.

  1:Not At All 2: Not Very Well 3: Neither 4: Somewhat 5: Extremely Well
I am the primary person that manages the Storage Infrastructure in my environment
I am the primary person that manages the Window Server Infrastructure in my environment
I have more than one storage device in my environment
I have storage devices from multiple vendors (ex. EMC, DELL, NetApp)
I view my storage performance data daily
I can easily view all storage data across my environment
I only look at storage performance data when there is an issue in my environment
Viewing Storage Performance data is very easy for me today
Having a single consolidated Performance view of my entire storage environment would be my #1 feature on my wish list
I can easily map my VMs to the storage arrays they reside on

* 2. Please specify what storage devices you use in your organization (Vendor Name and Version)

* 3. What are the top 3 most common tasks you perform as a Storage administrator?

* 4. What frustrates you most about administering Storage?

* 5. Please rank the top 5 Storage System Performance metrics you review on a regular basis? Please provide a rank for each choice.

6. What other Storage Performance Metric do you track which is missing from the above list? Please specify the priority of this metric against the others.

7. What tools do you use today for storage performance monitoring?

* 8. If you could waive a magic wand to improve your Storage management experience what would it be?