Exit this survey

1. My responses to this survey relate to my experience advising new students at ROAD on:

2. Please respond to each of the following items:

  Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree N/A
I received timely information regarding ROAD dates and activities
The information I received about this ROAD event was clear
The ROAD schedule was clear and understandable
The Advisor Briefing helped me to prepare for today's advising
I felt that I understood how to interpret test results
The number of students I saw was about right (not too many)
The students I advised understood the process of advising
I felt that the students I saw were academically prepared to enter the program
I feel that I am supportive in understanding and responding to student needs
ROAD is a helpful way to advise new students
The students' process of registering for classes went smoothly

3. Please comment on the registration experience regarding class availability, ease of selection, closed classes, and any other class scheduling issues encountered during the process.

4. Please make suggestions regarding the content covered at Advisor Briefing.

5. What could we provide or do to make your job easier at ROAD?

6. Is there anything we could do to help ease your students' transition to Oregon Tech?

7. Do you have any suggestions to improve future ROAD events?

8. What is your name?

9. How many students did you see during this ROAD event?