Thank you for your interest in McLean Communications and including us as a potential media sponsor for your upcoming event. Our sponsorship committee reviews all sponsorship requests once a month and then will get back to you. Due to space and schedule restrictions, we kindly ask that you make your request at least 3-4 months in advance.
Please take the time to fill out the questions below so we can find out more about your organization and your upcoming event.

* 1. Please tell us some information about your organization

* 2. Is your organization a non-profit?

* 3. Name of event

* 4. Event date

* 5. Event location

6. Event website

7. Age of event (years)

8. Who is your target audience for this event?

9. Number of people who attended last year's event

* 10. McLean publication(s) of interest

11. Please list your other media partners

12. Please list your current sponsors (or previous sponsors)

13. Current number of exhibitors to date for this year's event

14. Number of total exhibitors from last year's event

15. Overall value of sponsorship you are looking for – please indicate level of sponsorship in comparison to paid sponsors (ex. Gold Level sponsorship valued at $2,500). Please indicate what is included with the sponsorship (booth space, event tickets, etc.).

Please indicate the $ value and numbers associated with the sponsorship.

16. Where would our logo or branding been seen (radio, TV, e-blasts, etc.)?

17. Approximately how many ads are being run with our logo?

18. How many visitors do you anticipate will visit the event page?

19. Will our logo be visible on signage at the event? If so, where?

20. How much does it cost to exhibit at the event?

21. What is the value for logo/ad in your program guide?

22. How many program guides are distributed at the event?

23. Will you provide a post-event attendee list with names, e-mail and address information?

24. How many bags do you expect to distribute?

25. How many items do you ask from your sponsors?

26. When are the materials due?