Welcome to the 2015 ALPMA/Crowe Horwath Legal Industry Financial Performance Benchmarking Study.

This study assists New Zealand law firms to compare the financial health of their practice against other firms.

The data you enter will be analysed using Open Measures, Crowe Horwath’s proprietary benchmarking software. Information relating to each individual firm’s performance will be treated as strictly confidential. You will be able to see your own specific data that you have submitted for analysis. However, data relating to other participating firms will only be available for comparison and analysis in aggregate form.

Please take note of the following instructions:
- When Prompted to enter $ amounts, please enter whole figures e.g.$315,000 rather than $315K
- When the question asks for your results in FY2015 or as at the year-end FY2015, please use your most recent annual financial statements (as long as it ends at any date after 1 April 2014)

If you have any queries with regard to completing the survey, please contact Marnus Beylefeld at Crowe Horwath on phone 09 968 8511 or email

Thank you for participating.