1. How did you find about about the Grand Rounds? Please check all that apply.

2. Why did you decide to participate in the Grand Rounds?

3. This presentation increased my knowledge in this area.

4. I am confident that the information I learned will be useful for the work I do.

5. How knowledgeable was Dr. Katherine Feldman?

6. How knowledgeable was Dr. John Aucott?

7. How engaging was Dr. Katherine Feldman?

8. How engaging was Dr. John Aucott?

9. The question and answer component added value.

10. How satisfied were you with this Grand Rounds?

11. I will recommend that others view the archived webcast.

12. Which of these distance learning modalities are available to you? Check all that apply.

13. Which of these distance learning modalities do you enjoy? Check all that apply.

14. Please share any additional comments or suggestions.