* 1. What is your course and/or professor's name?
(examples: UCOR 2000; Nutrition Research; Dr. Ryder)

* 3. Class level

4. The librarian displayed professional expertise and knowledge of the academic field.

5. The librarian clearly discussed the ideas and/or concepts.

6. The activities increased my learning.
(choose n/a if your session had no activities)

7. I have a better understanding of how to find and use the resources I need for the research related assignments in this course.

8. I learned something that I could apply outside of this course.

9. How much of the material in the library session was new to you?

10. What is your overall evaluation of the library session?

11. What is one thing about the session that you found especially helpful?

12. What is one thing the librarian could have done to increase your learning?

13. Additional Comments