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* 1. What class did your child/children attend?

2. Did you feel safety was a priority with the staff?

3. For Opti Tot/BB participants... Please tell your class preference. Click all that apply

4. For Day Program participants... Do you like the 1/2 day 3 week format?

5. What additional programs would you like us to offer? Please describe.

6. Did you participate in any of the following? Check all that apply.

7. Please rank the following

  Disappointed Very Good Excellent Exceeded my expectations
Overall instruction
Overall safety
Quality if equipment
Professionalism of instructors
Knowledge of instructors
Program communication
Cost of program

8. Nonmembers, did you take advantage of guest pass for lunch or dinner?

9. Would you recommend program to your family and friends?

10. Please add any additional comments that will help us improve our program.