The Voice & Swallowing Center of Maine

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Instructions: These are statements that many people have used to describe their voices and the effects of their voices on their lives. Choose the response that indicates how frequently you have the same experience.

0=Never 1=Almost Never 2=Sometimes 3=Almost Always 4=Always

  0 1 2 3 4
My voice makes it difficult for people to hear me.
People have difficulty understanding me in a noisy room.
My voice difficulties restrict personal and social life.
I feel left out of conversations because of my voice.
My voice problem causes me to lose income.
I feel as though I have to strain to produce voice.
The clarity of my voice is unpredictable.
People ask, "What's wrong with your voice?"
My voice problem upsets me.
My voice makes me feel handicapped.
Add your number responses for the ten questions to reach a total score (four is worth four points, three is worth three points, etc.). IF YOUR SCORE is above 15, you MAY have a voice problem requiring medical review and professional voice evaluation. Ask your physician about the results. Please click the submit button below for further information.