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Immunization Training Guide Evaluation

1. How did you use the Immunization Training Guide?

2. Please rate how helpful each section of the Immunization Training Guide was for you.

  Extremely helpful Somewhat helpful A little helpful Not helpful I did not use this section
Financing, Supply, & Ordering
Storage and Handling of Vaccines
Communication With Parents About Vaccines
Vaccine Administration
Immunization Information Systems/Registries
Reminder/Recall Systems
Quality Improvement
Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
Vaccine Information Systems

3. Did you use the customizable boxes?

4. How would you rate the overall length of the training?

5. Would you recommend this training to a colleague?

6. What is the likelihood that you will make changes in your practice as a result of the information received in the this guide?

7. What additional information should have been included in the guide?

8. How useful did you find the tools and resources at the end of each section to be?

9. Please indicate how you found out about this resource.