10% of survey complete.
We are currently working to develop a career guidance tool for Teaching Assistants. This is to ensure people are well suited to the role and have a realistic preview of what the role will entail.

This survey is part of a process designed to collect information that will help us design a questionnaire with situations that Teaching Assistants face in their day to day jobs.

To develop this, we need to work closely with those people who are familiar with the job role and know what makes a great Teaching Assistant. You have been selected to take part as someone who has the knowledge and experience to help us develop this assessment. Please allow approximately 10 minutes to complete the survey.

During this survey you will be asked to think about what makes an ideal Teaching Assistant. You will be asked to think of things that they would do and how their behaviour makes them a great employee.

In contrast to this, you will also be asked to think about what a Teaching Assistant does or doesn’t do, that makes them below average.

All information collected during the survey will be confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside the research team at CEB SHL. We want to learn from your experience what makes a good Teaching Assistant – we are not going to evaluate you on what you say, only learn more about the role.

We specialise in working with organisations to deliver improvements in people performance. We operate in more than 50 countries with over 15,000 clients. From our extensive research, we have found that this tool will help to manage a candidate's expectations about the job, increase personal commitment, introduce typical day-to-day tasks and it is quite an enjoyable experience to fill out.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting us with this project.