1. Do you read The Worthing Enterprise?
(The Worthing Enterprise is mailed once a month to all Worthing Residents)

2. Would you like the Worthing Enterprise to be published more than once a month?

3. Would you pay a subscription fee for that option?

4. If The Worthing Enterprise had a website how often would you visit it?

5. Do you read The Lennox Independent?
(The Lennox Independent is a weekly newspaper that carries almost of all of the Worthing
news on a weekly basis, available by subscription for $30 a year.)

6. What suggestions do you have for improving either the Worthing Enterprise or
The Lennox Independent newspapers?

7. Where do you do your grocery shopping?

8. Where do you do your banking?

9. Where to you go for eating out and entertainment?

10. From what community do you get most of your services?
(Insurance, Real Estate, Contractors, Mechanics, Attorneys, Medical, Etc.)