* 1. Of all the different aspects of Elvis’ life and career, which THREE do you most connect with?

* 3. What are your three favorite Elvis songs?

* 4. Besides king, what three words do you think best describe Elvis?

* 5. Have you ever visited Graceland in Memphis?

6. When was your LAST visit to Graceland?

7. How many times have you visited?

8. Of the other attractions you visited at Graceland other than the mansion, please rank these in order of your favorite:

9. When you visited Graceland, which of the following things did you do (check all that apply)?

* 10. Do you plan on visiting Graceland in 2013?

* 11. What internet websites do you use when planning where to go and what to do on vacations (check all that apply)?

* 12. Are you an Elvis Insider?

* 13. Do you listen to Elvis Radio on SIRIUSXM?

* 14. Regarding Elvis fan clubs:

* 15. Approximately how much money did you spend in US dollars on Elvis-related merchandise in 2012? (include CDs, DVDs, music and movie downloads, books, collectibles, apparel, etc.)

* 16. Have you ever purchased merchandise on ShopElvis.com?

* 17. Which of the following retail stores do you shop at on a regular basis (at least 1-2 times a month)?

* 18. My MAIN source for getting Elvis news is (select one):

* 19. Within the past 5 years, I have (check all that apply):

* 20. On average, I visit Elvis.com:

* 21. Which of the following social media sites/apps do you ACTIVELY participate in or use (check all that apply)?

* 22. In the past six (6) months, I have (check all that apply):

* 23. I own (check all that apply):

24. I am:

25. My age is:

26. What is your family’s combined gross yearly income?

27. My highest educational achievement is:

28. I am:

31. If I win the random drawing, please contact me at the following email address:

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