Please share your ideas about Frisco's future.

Please use this short questionnaire to share your perspectives about Frisco today and the future Frisco you would like to see.

1. What short statement describes your image of Frisco today?

2. What short statement describes Frisco as you would like it to be in 2035?

3. What one or two changes in the next few years would have the biggest positive impact on Frisco as a place to live and work?

4. What are the most important features that make Frisco a distinctive community?

5. What place or places in Frisco do you go to for special celebrations?

6. What kinds of retail businesses are most important to add to the mix of shopping choices in Frisco?

7. What kinds of new jobs or businesses would be most beneficial for the Frisco economy and the community?

8. If you have other ideas and suggestions for the update of the Frisco Comprehensive Plan, please share those here.