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3. NE Revolution Academy Coaching - Please indicate the following

  Yes No
Revolution coaches are approachable
Revolution coaches are good teachers
Player Development Guides are useful
Group Nights are valuable
Group Nights have improved

4. How could your experience with the NE Revolution Academy be improved?

5. How do we rank on the following - Please rate the effectiveness of the following (5 being the highest)

  1 2 3 4 5
Announcement of Field Updates
Ability to Find info on Website
Quality of Referees
Accessibility of your Coordinator
Accessibility of Board Members

6. What, if any, additional gear would you like to see provided in the SYSA equipment bags?

7. Are you interested in taking a MYSA coaching class this Spring?

  Yes No
G (entry level class)

8. How else could Sudbury Soccer help you perform your job as a coach?

9. OPTIONAL: Name and email address