1. Are you a patron of the Indiana Talking Book and Braille Library

2. Please mark the types of material you receive from the Library.

3. How satisfied are you with the materials you receive?

4. If you checked unsatisfied, what is the main reason why?

5. Are you receiving a sufficient number of books?

6. Are you satisfied with the service you receive when calling the library?

7. Have you experienced a change in the delivery rate of your library materials?

8. Are you currently receiving magazines from NLS as a part of their new Magazine on Cartridge (MOC) program?

9. Are you familiar with the loan period for these magazines?

10. Have you experienced disruptions to your magazine service as a result of having overdue magazines?

11. Would you be interested in joining a book club hosted by the Indianapolis Regional Library?

12. Would you prefer to join a book club hosted at the Indiana State Library (Indianapolis) or a book club hosted by phone?

13. Please indicate the types of books you would be interested in discussing in a book club

14. Are you familiar with BARD?

15. Do you download books regularly?

16. If you are a regular BARD user, are you still getting books in the mail?

17. If you are not a BARD user, what is the reason?

18. Have you ever attended our annual Indiana Vision Expo?

19. Is yes, how many Expos have you attended?

20. What are some things you would like to see more of at the Indiana Vision Expo?

21. If you are under the age of 18, do you participate in our Summer Reading Program?

22. If not, what are some things that we could do differently to encourage you to participate?

23. Are you aware of the Newsline services offered by the Library?

24. If you are aware of Newsline but don't use the service, what is the reason?

25. Are you familiar with the Indiana Voices Program?

26. If yes, do you participate in the Indiana Voices program?

27. What are some types of books Indiana Voices could offer that would make you more likely to participate in the program?

28. Additional comments