1. Parents of Gifted Learners Survey

As a field, we in gifted education know surprisingly little about the experiences and opinions of parents of gifted learners. Please help us to learn more about the issues you face! Researchers at Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte have developed a survey that we are asking parents of gifted learners to complete. The survey should only take about 15 minutes to complete. By continuing on with the survey you give consent to have your responses used in future research. All responses will be kept confidential and no identifying information will be used. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Jennifer L. Jolly (225) 578-2049 or Dr. Michael Matthews (704) 687-8623 for further information.

* 1. Person completing this survey:

Questions 2-7 pertain to the person completing the survey.

* 2. Zip Code

* 3. Ethnicity

* 4. Country of Birth

* 5. Gender

* 6. Please indicate highest degree attained

* 7. Occupation

* 8. Please list the number of your children currently in a gifted program, along with their ages, grade, and gender.

* 9. Total number of people residing in your home.

* 10. Please indicate which of the following applies.

* 11. Which type of school does your child currently attend?

* 12. What traits do you think are most relevant in academic giftedness?

* 13. To what extent do your personal ideas agree with the school or school district’s definition of giftedness?

* 14. To what extent are you familiar with your state’s regulations governing gifted education?

* 15. Who initially recommended your child for gifted screening?

* 16. Who administered the instrument(s) to assess your child's giftedness?

* 17. Which assessment instrument(s) were used?

* 18. Are your child’s academic needs met by his or her schooling environment?

* 19. How would you define academic giftedness?

* 20. Are your child’s social and emotional needs met by his or her teacher?

* 21. Do you feel the principal of your child’s school is supportive of gifted education?

* 22. Do you feel the superintendent of your child’s school district is supportive of gifted education?

* 23. Have you met with your child’s teacher or other school staff this school year? For what reason?

* 24. Did you receive gifted and talented services as a child?

* 25. How have your own schooling experiences influenced the decisions you make for your child’s education?

* 26. Do you belong to any associations that educate, promote, or advocate on behalf of gifted and talented students?

* 27. From what sources do you regularly seek information about giftedness?

* 28. What was the most recent publication you read on giftedness?

* 29. What is the greatest challenge you face as the parent of a gifted child?

* 30. Does your child receive special education services (other than gifted education programming)?

* 31. Does your child participate in extra curricular activities?

* 32. Would you consider acceleration or early college entrance as an option for your child?

* 33. How important are the following?
1 being least important and 5 being most important

  1 2 3 4 5
Special programming for gifted and talented
Public support for gifted education
Interaction with other parents of gifted children
Administrative support for gifted education services
Emotional support from teachers to gifted students
Special classes for parents in raising gifted kids
More teacher training in gifted education
More classroom resources

* 34. Yearly Household Income

* 35. Would you be interested in being interviewed?

* 36. Would you be interested in entering a random drawing to receive parenting resources?

* 37. Is there a question that was not asked that you would have liked seen included?