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1. Name of Airline and Station that you work for:

2. Contractor/Vendor/MRO Name that performed the work:

3. Date contractor worked on aircraft:

4. Date Defect Found:

5. What was the defect?

6. Was this work that had been previously done in-house?

7. Explain:

8. Was the defect repaired in-house?

9. Was the a/c taken out of service?

a) How long o/s?

b) How many man hours to repair defect?
*Please explain all #9 questions in the box below*

* 10. Contact Info:

11. What type of license do you have?

12. How long have you held your license?

13. In your opinion, are there safety and security concerns raised by the outsourcing of a/c maintenance?

14. What are your concerns?

15. What would you do to correct those concerns?