This is a short questionnaire developed by staff of the Caledonian Family Business Centre. The aim of the questionnaire is to assist family business owners and managers access a quick overview of their readiness for succession planning. It will also help us at The Centre to better understand your needs and requirements. Your views will become part of our ongoing review with regard to the provision of succession planning support available to family business owners.

To help us gain a more comprehensive picture of your particular family business situation, it will be useful to invite other family members to complete this questionnaire. All responses will be treated with full confidentiality and not disclosed to any other party. If you have any concerns regarding confidentiality and would prefer to speak to a member of staff before completing the questionnaire please telephone 0141 331 8280/8282.

We have produced this questionnaire with a simple scoring framework that will provide you with a quick and general impression of your family business' readiness to undertake succession planning. It may also act as a useful and informal benchmark for further discussions.

Once we have completed the questionnaire report, we can give you and other family members feedback on your succession readiness on the telephone - alternatively, you can visit us at The Centre and receive face to face feedback.

We believe this framework is a practical method by which you can assess your family business readiness to undertake succession planning. It also offers you an opportunity to discuss with Centre staff the particular challenges you are likely to face with regard to succession planning. There will be no charge for this initial consultation.

Thank you for taking part.

Renee S Reid