Please help us provide a great experience for you and your students by completing this survey. Every adult who completes a survey will be entered into a drawing to win two guest tickets to an upcoming show at Stocker Arts Center! Thank you for your participation! Your input is important to us!

* 1. Please select the performance you attended:

2. Please rate your satisfaction with the performance.

3. Please rate your students' satisfaction with the performance.

4. Are there any comments your students made regarding this performance or their experience at the Stocker Arts Center that you would like to share with us?

5. If a performing company provides us with study guide material for a show, we post the material in the Student Matinee section of our website for you to access. Did you access the study guide for this show prior to the performance?

6. Did you use (or do you plan to use) the study guide?

7. Do you find the study guide to be a worthwhile tool for your students?

8. Please rate the reservation and ticket-purchasing experience.