We are doing a survey and collect information about divers' opinions regarding their thoughts on large scale public Aquariums that do not have the live dolphin shows, just the aquarium side of things.

Many people I have met have mixed thoughts and feeling regarding aquariums. Many people seem to enjoy aquariums, especially children. However I have come across many divers who are against aquariums and think that keeping marine life in captivity and tanks is unethical.

We would really like your thoughts and comments if you think aquariums are good or bad and why, positives vs negatives and your experiences.Greatly appreciate it!

* 1. Are you a certified Scuba Diver?

* 2. If you are a certified scuba Diver what is your highest certification level?

* 3. Do you think Aquariums are a good thing? or a bad thing?

* 4. Please share your thoughts and tell us why you think aquariums are good or Bad...