Welcome. This electronic form is designed to track program-level student learning outcomes. Therefore, the data that you enter should represent the results for one slo for all the students assessed in a particular course, not individual student scores. The data collected will be reported to lead instructors across course sections.

The lead instructor should help instructors know which PSLOs to assess so that to corresponds to a Program-level Student Learning Outcome (PSLO) on an educational program's course matrix.

* 1. Semester

* 2. Course (Example - CIS 110): *Please do not provide section number.

* 3. Is this section taught only to high school students?

* 4. Is this section taught only online?

* 5. What is the location for instruction for this section?

* 6. Which of the follow best describes you?

* 7. What Program-level Student Learning Outcome (PSLO) are you tracking for your lead instructor? (This refers to a particular trait on a rubric, as described below.)

(The PSLO should be indicated at the end of the course student learning outcome or course outcome on your syllabus. Lead instructors notify instructors if their course has been selected to track student outcomes for a particular PSLO.)

For general education competencies and Arts & Sciences instructors, please use gen ed code, such as WRIT1, CRIT3, QUANT 5, or PRES2, when applicable. (WRIT is for Written Communication Skills Rubric and the number is for the trait on each rubric, except for the Information Literacy Plug-in which is noted as INFO with the particular rubric.)

* 8. Total number of students enrolled in section

* 9. Number of students assessed

* 10. Number of students who met threshold