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* 1. The validated scale the UIM Sickle Cell clinic will be using to screen for depression is which of the following?

* 2. If both parents carry the sickle cell trait a child born to them has what percent chance of developing sickle cell disease?

* 3. Which of the following tests are used to screen for iron overload in patients who receive frequent blood transfusions?

* 4. Pain episodes tend to decrease in frequency in young adults who have sickle cell disease

* 5. Hydroxyurea acts to decrease pain crises in sickle cell patients by all of the following mechanisms except?

* 6. The pain usually experienced in sickle cell pain crises that is achy, throbbing, and sharp is classified as what type?

* 7. Which of the following drugs are recommended by the NIH and will be used in the UIM sickle cell clinic for treatment of acute pain crises?

* 8. What percentage of sickle cell patients experience numerous sickle cell pain crises each year?

* 9. All of the following are common complications of sickle cell disease EXCEPT?

* 10. List 3 actions a patient can try to relieve sickle cell pain beyond opioids:

* 11. Please type your name below: