* 1. What is your zip code?

2. Do you utilize the city's parks and/or trails for exercise?

3. Do you currently compost your yard/food waste at home?

4. If you do NOT currently compost, would you be interested in composting yard/food waste at your home if instructional information were made available to you?

5. If a Farmer's Market were established in South Bowie on Saturdays, would you shop there for local produce and baked goods?

6. Do you have a vegetable garden at home?

7. A community garden allows residents to rent small plots of land in a communal space with which to grow their own food and plants. Would you rent a community garden plot if it were made available in Bowie?

If YES, please specify where you would prefer that a community garden be located.

8. A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program allows consumers to purchase shares of a local farm's annual harvest, which is distributed weekly throughout the growing season. Are you aware that there currently is a CSA pick-up at MOMs organic market?

9. Would you be interested in participating in a CSA in the future?