The SCC’s Final Order for Dominion’s DSM Phase XI Filings adopted four recommendations (numbers 12, 24, 25 & 26) from the Hearing Examiner’s Report referring specific issues to the Dominion Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Group for consideration. The four recommendations also require Dominion to submit reports after the Stakeholder group considers the issues.

From the Final Order, it is not clear what the Stakeholder Group must do to “consider” the issue or what must be included in Dominion’s report. The Hearing Examiner’s Report gives more context leading up to each of these four recommendations, providing some guidance on how the Stakeholder Group should proceed and what the reports should contain.

At the October 23, 2023 Dominion Stakeholder meeting, the stakeholders agreed that providing written responses to questions specific to each recommendation would advance everyone's understanding of the issues. The information collected on each of the issues will be used to produce progress reports on the four recommendations while the stakeholder group takes time to thoroughly review the recommendations and provide more detailed follow up to the Commission in 2024.
Survey Instructions

This survey will be the collection tool for stakeholder input and feedback.

Survey Organization
: The survey is organized by each recommendation in the following way:

  • One page describing a recommendation. The page also includes relevant background information from the Hearing Examiner's report.
  • One page with a set of relevant questions related to the recommendation or its subparts. Each questions page asks if there are other questions that need to be answered or other information that should be included in a report to the Commission.
There is a final question page that has more general questions about the stakeholder group focus and process for other issues.

All questions are optional. You do not have to answer all questions. Please provide answers to questions where you have input. You may skip the other questions, or put "None" in the answer block.

Entering Your Feedback:
The survey is set up so that you can exit at any time and return at any time. You do not have to complete the survey in one sitting. Please note, if you must complete a page and click the Next button at the bottom of the page to save all the information entered on that page. If you leave the survey and return later you will be taken to the last page you completed.

Your Responses:
Your responses are confidential. No direct quotes or information will be attributed to you as an individual or to your organization, unless you specifically provide that information in your answer. All data will be aggregated and shared with Dominion, the SCC, and all stakeholders.

DUE:  Please complete your responses by Friday, November 17, 2023.

If you have any issues with the survey, please contact Ted Kniker at ted.kniker@ipa-llc.org.
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