DEQ Information Technology survey questions


DEQ is currently working on a strategic plan that will guide the development of our information technology services. We need your help. The purpose of this survey is to help DEQ determine which services we need to maintain and improve so we can continue to meet your needs in the future.

* 1. How often do you use the following methods to interact with DEQ?

  Daily About once a week About once a month A few times a year About once a year Never
Visit the DEQ website
Receive email updates
Send or recieve mail
Talk to a DEQ employee on the phone
Attend a DEQ public hearing
Attend a DEQ advisory committee meeting
Attend Environmental Quality Commission meetings
Request data from DEQ
Download data from the DEQ website

* 2. Please rate the importance of the following DEQ information technology capabilities and products

  Very important Moderately important Not important Already available N/A
Online payments
Online permitting and reporting
Tools to transform scientific data into useful information for DEQ employees or the public
Better tools for analyzing and displaying geographic information
Enhanced internet and information sharing capabilities
Tools to improve our ability to collaborate and work with external customers such as advisory committees, other agencies or the Environmental Quality Commission
Expand our ability to communicate using social media
Information on specific permits and programs
Information on Oregon's environment
Information security