1. Introduction to the Study

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Welcome to the Canadian Family Strengths Project! This survey represents a Canada-wide effort to explore the assets and strengths of families all across the country. This survey focuses on asking youth and parents about their relational experiences of being a family. Our goal is to have two (2) family members from each household - one adolescent/young adult child (ages 12-25) and one parent - complete the survey. Questions cover areas that are common to all families at every stage of life including communication, closeness, shared activities, and family health and stress.

Completion of the survey will take approximately 20 minutes, and you are free to withdraw at any time without penalty. Responses are anonymous - no one will be able to trace responses to individual participants - and will be analyzed as part of a data set collected from hundreds of families from across the country. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT INDIVIDUAL FAMILY MEMBERS COMPLETE THE SURVEY INDEPENDENT OF EACH OTHER.

Direct feedback on the results of the study can be made available upon request, and all are welcome to access the results as they become available via the FamilyWise website at www.familywise.ca.

Thank-you for considering to participate in the study. We are excited to hear what you have to tell us about your family. If you wish to indicate your willingness to participate, please click "Next" and you will be given directions on how to proceed.