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* 1. How mant technicians do you employ

* 2. The business is

* 3. Do you have a need for trained technicians or anticipate a need in the future ?

* 4. Have you experienced any difficulties in recruiting trained technicians?

* 5. What are your projected need for entry level techs in the next five years?

* 6. Do technicians have the opportunity to advance in your company

* 7. What is the approimate starting salary for an entry level technician in your company>

* 8. What is the apporximate salary range for experienced tecnicians inyour company

* 9. what types of benefits are provided to employee's?

* 10. Now that the Gogebic Community College Automotive program has been restructured and is no longer a hobby shop would you be interested in having unpaid student interns working with your company under the guidance of experienced personnel?