1. Please provide the basic info below:

2. Select the type of racing you've participated in.

3. Select the types of racing you'd LIKE to participate in.

4. Please explain your goals/objectives for joining a racing team.

5. In which areas of cycling would you like to improve? (ie: bike handling, climbing, cornering, pack riding, speed, descending)

6. Because pack safety, good technique and a certain level of comfort with your teammates is extremely important in cycling, Team Group Health strongly encourages its new members to ride or race with the team one day each weekend from November to March, to participate in occasional clinics, and to compete in at least 10 races between March and November. Taking your family/work/life commitments into consideration, how hard will it be for you to do that?

7. It is often hard for us to remember the names of everyone we meet during the fall recruiting season. To help us match your name with your face, please share with us the following:

8. How did you learn about Team Group Health?

9. What is your favorite kind of pie?

10. Please list any questions/comments you have regarding racing for Team Group Health.