Denver Solid Waste Management will be providing each household in your area with a new wheeled and lidded black trash cart. Trash carts will be collected WEEKLY and all trash must be bagged and fit in the cart with the lid closed.

In addition to weekly trash, each household will be provided with OVERFLOW COLLECTION EVERY 3 WEEKS for items that do not fit in the cart.

A 95-gallon cart is the default size. IF YOU WANT A 95-GALLON TRASH CART THERE IS NO NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SURVEY, one will automatically be provided to you.

There is NO FEE for your cart. Each household is limited to ONE cart.

* 1. IMPORTANT: Please enter your address and contact information:

2. A 95-gallon cart is the default size. Your household will be provided with a 95 gallon cart unless you choose a 35 or 65 gallon cart from the options below:

If you have questions about the trash cart sizes or the trash cart conversion please call 311.