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* 1. How often do you stage homes (prepare homes for showing) yourself?

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* 2. How often do you hire a home-stager to prepare a home for sale?

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* 3. How much does it typically cost to stage a home?

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* 4. How much does home-staging typically add to the sale price of a home (as a percentage of the sale price)?

Answer this question by recording an audio clip:
What is the value of home-staging?

To record an audio clip, which will be shared with Inman News viewers via our Web site, follow these instructions:

1. Call (800) 604-4006
2. Enter user code: 1030591.
3. Press 1 to make a new recording and then follow instructions.
4. State your name, title and company.

If you'd like more information about this audio clip feature, please send e-mail to glenn@inman.com.