1. Letter of Authorization to Open or Change Signers on a Troop Bank Account Request Form

Service Unit Money Managers: Please complete the attached form to request a "Letter of Authorization to Open a Troop Bank Account". All signers for Girl Scout bank accounts must be a registered member, appointed to their respective position and be an approved GSCNC volunteer. The Administrative Assistant for your Girl Scout area will process the request and e-mail a letter to you within two business days for you to take to the bank. You will be asked for the following information:

- Name/s of leader and name of Troop Money Manager who will be signers on the account
- Your name (Service Unit Money Manager)
- Phone number
- E-mail address of a signer where the letter will be sent to be printed
- Association and Service Unit#
- The troop number for the account
- Bank name, branch and address

Please remember that for troop accounts where the Service Unit Money Manager is also serving as the troop leader or troop money manager, the Service Unit Manager should also be listed as a signer on the account. All signers on each account must be unrelated.

If you need a letter to change signers or to close an account, please contact your area's Administrative Assistant.
Toni Jenkins Payne - tjenkins@gscnc.org
571-642-0253 x5000
Fairfax County, Virginia