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1. What profession do you work in?

2. Have you been involved in a project using prefabricated construction?

3. Prefabricated housing methods are an appropriate replacement for conventional building methods?

4. Would you ever suggest prefabrication to a client?

5. Prefabrication offers environmental benefits over traditional construction methods?

6. Do you consider the finished product of a prefabricated construction to be equal, worse or better than homes built by traditional methods?

7. What do you think are the main drawbacks of prefabrication?

8. What are the main benefits of prefabrication?

9. Between Prefabricated methods and Traditional building methods, which do you feel is better suited to the current housing market?

10. Would you ever use prefabrication techniques to construct your home?

11. Prefabricated housing is the future of the housing industry?

12. Why do you think traditional house construction methods are still dominant over prefabricated methods?

13. Any Comments?