Welcome to the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Survey
Thank you for agreeing to participate in this research study. This study is being conducted by the Prognosis Task Force of the Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. The aim is to determine how people with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and their family members/significant others feel about the brain injury information they received within the first 6 months after injury. The information gathered through this survey will serve as a guide for health care professionals regarding information that should be clearly communicated to people who have brain injuries and their family members/significant others.

Individuals completing this survey must be a family member/significant other of someone who has sustained a traumatic brain injury from age 20 on, and is themselves 21 or older.

A family member/significant other is someone who knows the injured person well, who preferably resides or resided with them, and who knew them prior to the injury. The relationship may be familial, romantic, or platonic.

The survey is made up of two parts. The first is general information and the second is a questionnaire about the kind of information that the survivor might have received when they were injured/diagnosed. The survey is anonymous and is completely voluntary. No identifying information will be obtained. Please stop taking the survey if you find that filling it out is too taxing or upsetting. Once you start the survey there is no requirement to finish. There is no way to indentify the person completing the survey with information provided by that person via the survey website.

Results of the survey will be published and presented in professional forums, and will be available upon request. If you have any questions regarding the survey or this research study, please feel free to email your questions to MJ Schmidt at mschmidt@remed.com.