* 1. Rank the importance of the following as it relates to your career (1= Most Important, 5= Least Important). Having:

* 2. What would you pay for good career development resources?

* 3. Which best describes how much time per week are you willing to put in to career development?

4. How important is it to connect/interact with your peers who are going through similar career situations and challenges as you? (1= not important, 10= very important)

* 5. If you could improve one thing about the way career development resources are today, what would it be?

6. Even though you may not be an expert, how willing are you to offer your own advice to your peers? (1: not at all willing, 10: extremely willing)

* 7. What would get you more engaged in developing your career?

* 8. If you had 3 wishes for resources/things to help improve your career development what would they be?

* 9. What best describes your level of work experience?

10. Please enter your email there is a question about any of your answers