1. Core Heart Awareness Survey

Thanks taking this short Core Awareness Survey. Please have some fun!

Awareness of the internal environment sheds light on your life immediately. Check in with yourself and share what comes up in whatever depth you choose. Your responses are completely confidential.

After you finish you may contact me to schedule a personal consultation. You will receive a live intuitive session on the phone or Skype with guidance from one animal.

Nature is a rich source of guidance and healing! You will find more about Awareness coaching the Services page at www.earth-service.com.

* 1. Just for fun! Do you feel more drawn to a particular aspect of Nature? (You may check both.)

I consider myself...

* 2. Please tell me where you live. Please give your full name. Contact information will only be used to connect for the consultation.

* 3. How did you find your way to the Core Awareness Survey?
Also, do you have a specific intention or question?

* 4. What is challenging you? What's missing? Do you feel empty?

* 5. What's working in your life right now? What are you grateful for?

Breathe deep all the way into your belly and allow this feeling to emerge.

* 6. Take a moment to go deep into your own skin and ask yourself "What am I feeling right now?"

Breathe a moment from head to toe, go deeper and check in. Let it be All Right to Feel whatever is Present.

* 7. "Where do I feel stuck or constricted in life?"

* 8. "What signals am I receiving?"

Are there symbols in your life that stand out?

Are there patterns... feelings or thoughts that repeat in your life?

Do you have an experience with the Animals that you'd like to discuss to gain clarity? Trees? Stones? This could even be a dream or an ongoing fascination with a particular aspect of Nature. Think back to when you were a child too!

* 9. "Where do I feel the most comfortable in Nature?" In the woods? the beach? the desert? Do you have a special place?

* 10. Thanks again for exploring your Core Awareness! Please use this Time Driver link below to check availability and set up a time for your free session. I look forward to connecting!

Please email pinetree@earth-service.com to schedule or ask questions.

Much Love and Respect, Pinetree aka David /\

Anything else you'd like to share about yourself or your experience with Nature?