1. What variables matter when you are looking for long-term partner? (Check all that apply)

2. From an ethnic/race perspective, how would you classify yourself? (US Census 2000 definition)

3. What is the ethnicity/race of the men you find most attractive? (though you may find men of various races attractive, please pick your top choice)

4. When it comes to "looks," physical attraction, which variable do you consider most relevant?

5. From all the long-term relations you have had, what has been the greatest difference in age:

6. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

7. What is usually the level of education of the men with whom you have had a long-term relationship?

8. What job category would you like the most in a long-term partner?

9. In your current or last relationship (if you are not in one now), what is the difference in income?

10. Have differences in income between you and your partner caused concerns or problems in your relationship?