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* 1. What is your affiliation to Texas Rush (check all that apply)

  Recreational Competitive Youth Academy TOPS ECNL USSDA
Staff Member

* 2. How long have you been associated with the club?

3. If you are a Parent, how many children do you have participating in Texas Rush?

4. How did you hear about Texas Rush?

5. How likely are you to continue playing soccer with Rush?

6. How likely are you to recommend Rush to others?

7. What is your overall satisfaction with Texas Rush?

8. How satisfied are you with these aspects of Texas Rush?

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Not Satisfied Very Dissatisfied N/A
The skills development of your child?
Instruction your son/daughter receives from our Coaches/Professional Staff?
Communication you receive from the Club?
Communication you receive from the Coach for your team?
Camps and other activities run by Rush?
Professionalism and courtesy of Rush representatives?
Our ability to respond quickly to your questions?
How well do we communicate information that is relevant to your needs?
Cost associated with Rush Soccer?
GoalKeeper Training?
Customer service provided by our office?
Availability of the office hours?

9. Problem Resolution

  Yes No
a. Did you experience a problem in the last 6 months?
b. Did you report it to Rush?
c. Was the problem resolved by Rush?

10. Problem Resolution (continued)
Overall, please rate Rush's ability to resolve your problem effectively.

11. How satisfied are you with Bear Branch, Alden Bridge, Carl Barton, Lents Family Park West, and Northland Christian Fields?

12. What else could we do better? Do you have any other comments?

13. What aspects of youth soccer are most important to you?

14. Would you be interested in volunteering in some capacity with the Club?

15. Please add your email address for us to contact you about volunteering, or if you would like us to follow up with you.