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* 1. Approximately how many hours of flight time have you accumulated in your career? Please enter "0" if you are ground operations personnel.

* 2. How many times in your entire aviation experience, including training, have you questioned your precise location on an airport?

3. How many times have you completed this survey regarding the demonstration of the Pavement Edge Light Safety System (PELSS) at KCLE? (Opinions and experiences change, therefore multiple surveys are encouraged.)

4. Please qualitatively describe your opinion of the PELSS.

5. When did you last view the PELSS?


6. What were the weather conditions?

7. What were the ground cover conditions?

8. What was the visibility?

9. Was there an improvement to close proximity edge recognition OR overall situational awareness?

* 10. Is this a safety enhancement that you would like to see at all airports?