Helping, Giving, Sharing and Saving

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Helping all Friend Acquaintances. Sharing Information that will change a life. Hey I'm only providing a CHOICE not Selling a thing OK

* 1. Do you help out others like Family, Friends and Acquaintances

* 2. Would you allow others to do you a favor

* 3. If I could match or save you money on your, Home phone, Internet, Mobiles, Electricity or Gas accounts (UTILITIES) would you give us the opportunity to try?

* 4. How much do you spend on your Utilities each month. That we all us each and every day

  over 100 over 200 over 400 over 700 To much
$ Value

* 5. Services (Utilities I provide) which ones do you use

* 6. How would you like to be contacted

* 7. I am working for a development company who are leading a billion $ expansion within your area.
Can I take a moment of you time, as it is very IMPORTANT?

* 8. Have you visited my website ?

* 9. Have you contact Ean with your detail / Via email to make an appointment