Thanks for stopping at our Super Sunday desk on 6 November! You're here because you picked up some information about this qualitative survey and want to tell us about your use of the Metropolitan Trail Network.

Completing this survey all the way through will put you in a draw to win a new iPad, so make sure you finish!

Super Sunday is about counting recreational use on off-road shared trails across Melbourne. On top of that, we want to understand a bit more about the people that use these trails and paths.

Your participation and feedback will help local governments and state agencies to better understand the local riding environment and identify improvements that are required to make recreational riding more enjoyable and attractive.

This survey complements to the visual counting that you would have seen on 6 November. It gives riders and other trail users the chance to fill in some of the background about how, when and why they use these trails.

Number of questions: 16

Time to complete survey: 7 minutes

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