Rotary International is gathering information to help improve current and future RI e-learning activities and resources. This survey should take you about five minutes. Your responses are anonymous. Once you have completed the survey, click the submit button. Your responses will be sent to the Leadership Education and Training Division. You can close your browser window at any time.

1. How did you hear about the Rotary E-Learning Center/ e-learning activity?

2. Which e-learning activity did you most recently participate in? (If you completed more than one activity, please fill out this survey for only one and then take the survey again.)

3. What was the subject/title of the e-learning activity?

4. The length of this e-learning activity was

5. My experience with this e-learning activity was

6. This e-learning module _____ my knowledge on the topic.

7. What did you like the most about this e-learning activity?

8. What did you like the least about this e-learning activity?

9. I would recommend this e-learning activity to another Rotarian.

10. I would participate in another e-learning activity in the Rotary E-Learning Center.

11. Any additional suggestions or comments?

12. By providing your demographic information, Rotary International is better able to understand the regional trends of the Rotary world. This information is purely voluntary and will not be shared outside of the RI Secretariat.

13. Rotary Position:

Thank you for completing the survey.