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* 1. Which of the following best describes your affiliation with health research in London?

* 2. How did you hear about London Health Research Day?

3. Did you attend London Health Research Day 2012?

4. If you did not attend London Health Research Day 2012, please indicate the reason.

5. Did you attend any platform presentations? If so, how many?

6. Did you attend/participate in the poster competition?

* 7. Did you attend the luncheon and keynote speaker address?

8. Which of the following area(s) would interest you for next year’s keynote address? (check all that apply).

* 9. Did you attend the dinner and awards ceremony?

10. How would you rate Dr. Andrew Watson as emcee?

* 11. How would you rate the London Convention Centre on the following attributes: Location, Food, Layout (ie. seminar room set-up and poster board configurations), Parking

  Excellent Good Fair Neutral Poor
Layout (seminar room set-up, poster board configurations, etc.)

* 12. Overall, how would you rate the level of organization (schedule, flow, etc.) at the event?

13. Do you have any other suggestions/comments regarding London Health Research Day?