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Thank you for visiting the Xconomy iPad survey page. We'll publish the results (and the most interesting comments) in an article at Xconomy on Friday, April 2, 2010.

1. Are you planning to buy an iPad?

2. If you are planning to buy an iPad, which version do you prefer?

3. Which features of the iPad appeal to you most? (Choose as many as you like)

4. Which missing iPad features would you most like to see added in a future version? (Choose as many as you like)

5. Where do you see yourself using an iPad? (Choose as many as are appropriate)

6. Will the iPad be a better e-book reading device than the Amazon Kindle and other electronic-ink-based reading devices?

7. Some observers condemn Apple for the restrictions and secrecy it imposes on third-party app developers. Do you generally agree with this critique?

8. Following up on Question 7, has your opinion about Apple's culture of control influenced your decision about buying an iPad?

9. The big picture: What impact will the iPad have on consumer expecations about personal computing? Choose the answer that comes closest to your view, or write one in.