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1) Which computer-based test(s) did you take? (Select all that apply.)

* 2) Was the amount of time you were given to complete the test adequate?

* 3) How often do you use a computer AT SCHOOL?

* 4) How often do you use a computer AT HOME?

* 5) What type of device did you use to take the test?

* 6) I took a TestNav 8 computer-based practice test (ePAT) prior to taking the actual test.

* 7) The ePAT helped me understand how to use the tools and answer questions during the actual test.

* 8) The instructions read by the test administrator before testing were clear and easy to understand.

* 9) I was able to sign in to the computer-based test easily.

* 10) I could easily read test questions and answer choices.

* 11) For a multiple-choice question, I could enter and change my answer easily.

* 12) For fill-in response questions (Algebra 1 Retake or Mathematics Retake), I could enter and change my answer easily.

* 13) When I flagged questions for review, it was easy for me to see them and go back to those questions.

* 14) Tools, such as the highlighter, answer eliminator, text increase/decrease, line reader and magnifier, were easy to use.

* 15) I had enough space to use my test materials (e.g., work folder, reference sheet, etc.).

* 16) For Algebra 1 Retake or Mathematics Retake, the online reference sheet was easy to use.

* 17) For Algebra 1 Retake, Mathematics Retake, or Biology 1, the online calculator was easy to use.

* 18) For Biology 1, the online Periodic Table of the Elements was easy to use.


19) The notepad tool was easy to use.

* 20) It was easy to scroll and read the reading passages.

* 21) The pop-up footnote tool was easy to use.

* 22) I received error messages while I was testing.

* 23) I had computer problems while I was testing.

* 24) In the future, given a choice between a computer-based test and a paper-based test, I would choose the computer-based test.

* 25) It was easy to submit my test when I was finished.

* 26) Please provide any additional comments in the space below.

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Florida Department of Education
Bureau of K-12 Student Assessment