Adobe, maker of Photoshop and Flash, is looking for young adults 18-29 to participate in a three-month private advisory panel for a new consumer product currently in development.

As a panel member, not only will you get the inside scoop and sneak peeks, you will get to influence and help us build an amazing product that is being made especially for you and your peers. Who knows? You may even be recognized or featured when the final product is released! You will also be able to connect with other panel members like yourself who are in the local area or across the country.

Some ways you will be asked to participate: Expressing your opinions on product features and marketing campaigns, using the product to do an activity, etc. (For most of the activities, you can complete them without leaving the house.)

Time commitment: About 1-2 hours a month for three months from March thru May (Most of the activities will take less than an hour.)

As a token of appreciation, active panel members will receive a gift of $150 for their participation at the end of the three-month period. You may also have the possibility to receive a few smaller prizes along the way!

For questions, please contact us at signup@adobe.com

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