1. Welcome to My Survey

The goal of this survey is to probe your ethical intuitions on the development and use of AI systems. We will start with a notice and a couple of basic scoping questions...

Notice: Results will be presented in de-identified and/or aggregated form at the Indaba workshop (also omitting specific responses that are particularly disclosive of identity). Self-report data related to nationality is likely the most personally identifiable piece of information this survey collects. 

The survey's purpose is purely for illustration and teaching. We believe your participation in this survey will contribute to a better understanding of the diversity of expectations in the use of technology in society. But your participation is entirely voluntary. 

Question Title

* 1. How would you define AI?

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* 2. Which nationality do you most identify with culturally?

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* 3. Which geographic region do you most identify with culturally?
(pick as many as apply)