1. Survey Explanation and General Data

Hello, I am preparing to write a book on street harassment. With this anonymous, informal, online survey, I hope to better document how people experience being in public, how interactions with strangers impact their life, and how safe they feel in public.

Please answer the questions as honestly as possible and feel free to share it with anyone you know (including people outside the US) – I am seeking as many diverse experiences and opinions as possible.

There are four pages of questions (including this one). The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete depending on how much you write in the open-ended questions. The * starred questions are required.

Thank You,
Holly Kearl
I'm asking the following personal data so I can better gauge the range of people's experiences across various backgrounds. While sex is the only required question, please respond to the others too.

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* 1. Your sex:

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* 2. Your age:

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* 3. The race/s and/or nationality with which you most closely identify, please check all that apply or write in another option. If you are outside the US please indicate your nationality:

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* 4. Your sexual orientation:

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* 5. Your geographic location (city, state and/or country):

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