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The Vermont Department of Health created an educational booklet that provides information about Lyme disease prevention, and a tick card for tick identification. All materials are free of charge. Please place your orders here.

** Note (4/24/2015): We are out of stock of our tick booklets at this time. We are making some revisions and updating the booklet content. We should have more booklets in stock within 3-4 weeks.

Please continue to place your orders and we will fill them as soon as possible. We do have stock of our tick ID cards and these can be mailed to you right away.

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Be Tick Smart: What you should know about tick bites and Lyme disease

Be Tick Smart: What you should know about tick bites and Lyme disease

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Vermont Tick ID Card

Vermont Tick ID Card

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8. Any questions? Please call the Epidemiology Field Unit at 800-640-4374 or 802-863-7240 or check the website at healthvermont.gov.

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