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* 1. Were you greeted by the desk assistant when you entered the AAC?

* 2. Which area of the AAC did you use?

3. What was the purpose for your visit?

* 4. Were you able to meet with a tutor in a timely manner?

* 5. Was the tutor knowledgeable in the subject you needed help with?

6. Was the tutor friendly during your tutoring session?

7. Did you feel you could ask questions freely during your tutoring session?

* 8. Do you feel that working with the tutor improved your understanding of your coursework?

* 9. Was the AAC environment (cleanliness, work space, noise level, etc.) conducive to studying?

* 10. Do the hours/days the AAC is open meet your needs?

* 11. Will you recommend the AAC's tutoring services to other ABAC students?

* 12. How many times during the week do you use the AAC?

* 13. How did you learn about the AAC's services?

14. How would you improve the AAC?

15. Would you like to leave a comment about your tutor?